There are many different neighborhoods that make up the greater Spokane area, but I have favorites that top my list.  If you are considering a move to Spokane let me be your guide:

1. The Lower South Hill—What makes the lower South Hill top my list, is it’s close proximity to downtown. There is a mix of  home styles and some are historic.  A vintage cottage could be next door to a craftsman mansion giving each street its own unique identity. Manito Park, with it’s 90 acres sits in the center;

2. The South Perry District—-This eclectic area is transforming. Buyers are renovating homes  and new shops and bistros line Perry Street;

3. The Upper South Hill is the beginning of a high plateau where homes are generally newer.  Enjoy hiking the trails below High Drive. You can live on a small lot or acreage, it’s up to you. Or, you can live on Brown’s Mountain and enjoy south hill and valley views from your window! Downtown is just a short, ten minute drive;

4. The Palouse!  This area is stunning…..rolling hills, wheat fields and beautiful sunsets and sunrises.  It begins at the south eastern edge of the south hill.  Homes are all on acreage and it is a short 15 to 20 minute drive to downtown.

5. Audubon—welcome to the cozy corner of northwest Spokane.  Homes are tucked away here and some overlook the river or the Down River Golf Course.  Chic bistros are nearby;

6. The Garland district—take a walk back in time and go to an old movie theater.  Park your car and shop the old fashioned way;

7. 5 Mile—-this upper plateau is just north of Francis St and sits up high.  It is a longer drive to downtown, but nothing in Spokane is far away;

8. Mead School District and Mt Spokane—pick apples,  enjoy rolling hills and use Mt Spokane Park as much as you like.  The park has downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, cycling and hiking trails.  Don’t forget to purchase a parking pass!  This area is a Spokane treasure;

9.  Liberty Lake—live on the lake 52 weeks a year and have a short 20 minute commute to downtown. There are hiking trails too to enjoy year round;

10. South Valley is south of I-90 and it too has rolling hills and beautiful views, lots of new construction here and new neighborhoods being formed;

11. Centennial Trail area—-hike, cycle or float the Spokane River and live nearby.  Lots of new construction to pick from.

My top areas for Spokane!

Questions, or comments—-please email me at: or text me anytime at 509-990-6403.  I would love to show you around!