Stephanie Butler has excellent reviews


I am so grateful for all of my clients! Many have sent endorsements so you have the assurance of knowing you will be working with someone who values YOU!

We took our time seeking out a Realtor to sell our home and interviewed five different real estate groups in our area. We needed someone intelligent, competent, compassionate and knowledgeable. Someone who would help us get the best value out of our home and was willing to put in the elbow grease necessary to make it all happen. Someone with great communication skills for both us and prospective buyers. Stephanie P. Butler, broker/co-owner at LIVE Real Estate stood out heads and tails above the other prospective agents. During the five months we worked together, she didn’t prove us wrong. We were as happy with her at the end of our successful sale as we were in the beginning. The drone video, brochure and other sales materials her team developed were top notch. Stephanie puts her heart and soul into marketing your home and makes you feel like you are the most important client in the world. She is honest, hard-working and willing to drop everything at a moment’s notice to deal with an issue or solve a problem. We highly recommend Stephanie P. Butler for anyone who requires professional representation and well-researched real estate advice.

Edmond Bruneau and Donna Lange

This past summer my son decided to purchase his first house. Luckily, we found Stephanie Butler who made that process a pleasant and satisfying one. She was sensitive to the price level, did endless hours of research that find the best selection of houses to look at, and then spent many more hours helping us look in various locations throughout the entire Spokane area. From he north side to the valley to the south hill to outlying area, we looked everywhere. She was a wealth of information about the houses and the areas. She never rushed a decision and was always open to looking “somewhere else.”

As a result, we finally chose a house that my son is delighted with. In addition, we have made a good friend as well.

We cannot recommend Stephanie highly enough: she is organized, understands property values, is endlessly patient, and above all has a great sense of humor to keep the searches entertaining, enjoyable and meaningful.

Brett and Nelliemay Hellenberg

Dear Stephanie… Thank you so much for making what could be a very trying time (selling a home) into a co-operative venture together. You gave suggestions, accepted suggestions, ran here, ran there; brought us lattes to comfort us in the cold. You conducted open houses, provided flowers when mine died, went to the house when workers came. You brought lots of prospective buyers until you found the perfect one. You were patient through discussions, etc; and the signing, signing, signing….

Did I say we appreciate you so much?

Pat and Floyd Bursch

Stephanie Butler will work to sell your home, calm your fears and keep you informed. She’s up on all the do’s and don’t a of real estate and will keep you moving in the right direction to reach your goal of selling or buying a home. We sold and bought a house at the same time with her as the agent in both transactions, and when things went slightly off-course she was there to steer us back and now we’re in the home of our dreams.

Cathy Reynolds

You have done the impossible. You have sold my mother’s home before the winter set in. You have dealt with our family issues, put up with a hostile surprise renter, corresponded with people on all sides of the glob, and managed cleaning and yard work. In addition, I’m sure many things we don’t know about. You were highly recommended by our attorney who said you “could sell snow to eskimos.” As it turned out, we needed someone with those qualifications. I highly recommend you to anyone need to sell anything’s we appreciate your professionalism, patience and thorough work.

Christy Folsom